Tenant evicted because sex swing is too noisy

Sarah Coles
A new Swingers club,
A new Swingers club,

A court has ruled that a landlady in Munich was within her rights to evict a tenant because the sex swing he used in his apartment was making too much noise. It's not the first time someone's private and consensual nocturnal activities have been unexpectedly exposed in the courts.

The Daily Mirror reported that the man installed the 'very old' chain swing in his apartment in 2012, and regularly disturbed his neighbours at night with "sexual, athletic and squeaking noises". The Guardian noted that his rental agreement included a requirement to be quiet between 10pm and 7am - which this breached, and the court added that his use of a swing late at night "would no longer correspond to normal rental use, and must therefore not be tolerated as socially acceptable."

The tenant is likely to be relieved his name hasn't been dragged through the papers, but there's a good chance that everyone within earshot probably has a pretty good idea whose sexual, athletic squeaking has been making headlines.

In the courts
He can always console himself with the fact that he's not the first to have his nocturnal activities brought into focus in court.

In 1980 a Basingstoke man sued his wife after she refused to have marital relations with him more than once a week - in an effort to prevent a third pregnancy. He won the case, but lost on appeal.

In 2005 a woman from Washington in the North East was given an Asbo for making an unusually large amount of noise in the bedroom. She breached it several times, and in 2010 received a suspended prison sentence for it.

In 2009 a man in Lawrenceville, Georgia, died while engaging in extra-marital horizontal activities with a man and a woman. His family sued his cardiologist - who had seen him days earlier and played down his concerns over his heart (and failed to advise against rigorous activities). The family won $3 million in damages.

And in 2008 keepers at Bristol Zoo were ordered by the council to keep their gibbons indoors three nights a week as their mating rituals - including a love duet - were keeping the neighbours awake. The keepers said at the time that keeping them in was proving challenging.

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