Boy escapes serious injury in shock SUV incident

SUV lucky escape

CCTV cameras in China's Jining City have captured the moment an SUV owner drove his vehicle over a small child.
The six-year-old boy can be seen playing to one side of the road, when a red off-roader enters the frame and runs-over his entire body.

Chillingly, the SUV driver makes no attempt to slow down or alter his path, suggesting that his attention was diverted from the road at the crucial moment. After the boy emerges from underneath the rear of the vehicle, the driver continues as if nothing had happened.

Thankfully, the boy suffered only superficial injuries to his face and legs in the incident, and can be seen running across the road clutching his back, after the vehicle passes over him.

Police say he only survived as he was positioned directly between the car's wheels, and didn't get struck by the chassis as it was a raised 4x4 vehicle.

Click play to watch the shocking footage below.

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