Toddler fighting for life after contracting E.Coli on holiday in Spain

family hospitalised after contracting e.coli in ibiza

A young girl is fighting for her life after a family of four contracted E.Coli on their Spanish summer holiday to Ibiza.

The Smith family, from County Durham, were staying at the three-star Azuline, Coral Beach resort in June when they fell ill. Daughters Olivia and Hannah were hospitalised for days, while dad Stuart also contracted the bacteria. Olivia was discharged from hospital after six days but Hannah spent 21 days in hospital and needed dialysis to help her kidneys function properly.

According to travel law firm Irwin Mitchell, the toddlers were diagnosed with haemolytic uraemia syndrome – a condition related to E.Coli which can cause kidney failure due to a breakdown of red blood cells. Distraught parents Stuart and Nicola instructed expert international illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate what caused them to fall ill and to help secure their daughters funds for on-going treatment.

Clare Pearson, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, has contacted to notify the tour operator that legal action is being considered and said: "The Smith family suffered a horrible ordeal on their holiday which became so serious for Olivia and Hannah that they were admitted to hospital on their return to the UK because of the severity of their condition.

"The family will not know whether there has been any significant lasting damage caused until next year which will understandably be an agonising wait for them all.

"E.Coli is a bacteria which can be contracted by eating contaminated food such as raw unwashed vegetables and undercooked meat, but following good food hygiene standards can prevent it from spreading."

Stuart, 38, said: "The last few weeks have been like our worst nightmare coming to life as we have had to watch our little girls fight for their lives in hospital.

"The last thing we imagined was that we would all fall so horrifically ill. We did notice that some of the food that should have been chilled was left at room temperature and some of it was undercooked, but we tried to be as careful as possible.

"We just want answers about what caused the illness and to know that if hygiene failings are found, steps are taken to rectify them and prevent anyone else suffering in the same horrible way as we have."

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