Mum struck by lightning while taking weather photos

Roshina Jowaheer

The moment a woman was struck by lightning while taking photos of a storm in America was captured on video by her daughter.

Stephanie Rey, from Idaho, said her body was tingling for hours after the lightning struck so close to her that her mobile phone flew out of her hands and into the air.

The incident took place on Tuesday during a violent thunderstorm in the area. C.C. Weske was visiting her mum when she decided to go outside and capture the lightning and her mum joined her.

Speaking to ABC News, 46-year-old Rey said: "My phone flew out of my hand, I got super hot. It sounded like a gunshot. My daughter and I couldn't hear for about a minute."

Weske captured the moment about 10 feet away and wasn't struck.

Rey told KXLY: "I was like expletive, I think I just got hit by lightning and so we just took off running."

She added that the pair are joking about it now but they are "very, very thankful" that no-one was hurt.

An expert at the National Weather Service said Rey was possibly hit by a ground current.

Lightning expert John Jensenius told ABC News: "From her symptoms, it would seem like she did get hit, but not with a direct lightning strike."

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