Buy a pickup truck, get a free gun!

Ford pick-up truck

Car dealers are forever throwing in incentives to seal the deal with customers. Whether it's free car mats or complimentary insurance, there's always a sweetener on offer to increase the chances of a buyer signing on the dotted line.
Clearly in tune with its customer base, one Ford dealership in the US state of North Carolina is offering its customers a free firearm if they buy a new F-series pickup truck.

Customers taking up the offer Lumberton Ford & Lincoln, in the south of the state, will be presented with a $350 (£211) voucher, redeemable at local armory, Rhudy's Gun and Pawn.

Speaking to Time Warner Cable News, local customer Milton Malloy said: "I've bought three or four vehicles from them, always got a good deal."

He went on to say the new offer was more than enough incentive for him to put down a deposit on a new truck.

"These are real good people, they do a real good job regardless of that. Coupon or not, I'll keep coming back," he continued.

The incentive was thought up by the dealership's general manager, who claims it's meant to be fun freebie, but one that also has a partly political message

"We're giving away a voucher for a gun for any new F series purchase. For any F-350, 250 or 150," said sales manager Jim Drost. "To support our Second Amendment rights. We're not promoting gun violence or violence or anything like that. It's near hunting season we're just excited to sell a truck and make someone happy."

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