Two jets collide over Italian village

Sinead Moore
Italy fighter jet collision
Italy fighter jet collision

Two Italian fighter jets collided and burst into flames during a training mission in eastern Italy.

The air force fighter jets crashed into a hilly wooded area, near Ascoli, narrowly missing a nearby village.

An air search for the missing crew is being carried out as it is not known whether the two pilots and navigators managed to eject from the Tornado jets in time.

According to the Daily Mail, witnesses reported seeing a fireball as the jets collided and erupted in flames sparking a forest fire.

Flames and dark smoke were visible for miles.

A Civil Protection official, Susanna Balducci, told Sky TG24 TV there were no civilian casualties on the ground after the crash.

Defence Ministry officials say they are awaiting an official report from a team of experts at the crash site before making any statement, reports the Independent.

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