Alcohol mistakenly advertised in 'back to school' deal

Twitter photo

This probably isn't what parents had in mind when they insisted their children consume more fruit at school.

A mix-up at a supermarket saw bottles of wine accidentally placed next to 'back to school' advertising hoardings.

The snap, from @arjmcauley is part of a #supermarketfail trend on Twitter which, as the name suggests, sees users uploading photos of obvious mistakes in their local supermarket.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time booze has accidentally been advertised for school children.

In 2013, shoppers at a supermarket in Swansea were shocked to see all kinds of spirits advertised in a back to school special aisle, as the photo below shows.

Twitter photo

If you find such mix ups amusing, why not check out more examples on Twitter (warning, you might come across some spicy language), or alternately, read our family-friendly article on the craziest supermarket deals.

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