Woman 'gets arrested in order to visit jailed lover'

A young woman has allegedly shoplifted from a store and waited for police so she could visit her boyfriend in jail.

According to police reports, Alicia Walicke stole a $4 (£3) bottle of wine from a Cedar Park petrol station in Texas.

She then sat down outside and began drinking the wine until the police arrived.

The 22-year-old told police that she wanted to see her boyfriend, who was arrested hours earlier, and told them she wanted to go to jail.

According to the warrant, obtained by Statesman.com, "Walicke advised her boyfriend was arrested earlier that evening by Cedar Park Officers and it was her fault so she wanted to make things right and go to jail."

Walicke has been charged with theft but was freed on a $5,000 (£3,700) bond.

Man arrested over lager can

It's not the only odd alcohol-related arrest we've seen recently. Last week, a burglar was caught after his DNA was found on a can of lager he left at the crime scene.

Steven Craig Vonk broke into a flat in the street where he lives in Swansea last month, South Wales Police said.

But the 39-year-old, armed with a can of drink, ended up disturbing the home owner during the break-in and ran off empty-handed.

However, crime scene investigators swept the home for clues - and found a can of Carling which did not belong to the victim.

Forensic tests later showed the can contained Vonk's full DNA profile.

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