Shop has clever workaround for festival ban on selling water

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We've all come across some draconian rules at festivals.

Practices like banning you from bringing any food or drinks into the venue and forcing you to pay massively inflated prices at 'approved' retailers is just one common annoyance.

Well one particularly savvy store has come up with an ingenious workaround to strict festival rules... introducing the August peanut sale!

Buy peanut, get water

At a music event in Portland, Oregon, festival organisers had reportedly banned stores from selling bottled water to revellers – despite the fact that it was a sweltering 32 Celsius (90F).

Thankfully, as the picture (courtesy of berniethecatch on Reddit) above shows, one store owner decided to instead sell peanuts at $1 (60p) each and give away a 'free' bottle of water.

The first of two posters on the shop owner's door states: "Notice: due to festival rules we are not allowed to sell drinks, including bottled water."

It signs off with the word "therefore...", before the second poster announces the store's "August Peanut Sale: 1 peanut for 1 dollar," concluding in brackets that "1 free bottle of water comes with purchase of a peanut".

What do you think? Is this a clever workaround or should the owner be criticised for flouting festival rules. Let us know in the comment section below.

The picture first appeared on Reddit and later Imgur

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