Alarm tells drivers to put phone down when driving

transportation and vehicle concept - man using phone while driving the car
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Motorists using their mobile phones while driving have come under attack over recent months following a number of high profile deaths caused by distracted drivers on their phones.
The latest idea to target those illegally using their phones behind the wheel is a dashboard-mounted camera which watches the driver and detects whether they are using a handheld device on the move. If the system senses that the driver is using their phone it then issues an alarm.

This camera has been developed by Brazilian scientists at Santa Catarina State University in the south of the country and uses facial recognition software to determine when the driver is holding a phone against their face.

The camera works by monitoring the driver's face and the surrounding area; should it identify the driver moving their hand to their ear, as they would do when making or answering a call, it emits a warning.

It seems unlikely that drivers would want to install these systems in their own vehicles, however, such systems could in future be fitted to hire cars and used by concerned parents who want to ensure that their children don't use their phones while on the move.

Around 80 per cent of collisions involve drivers who were not paying sufficient attention to the road for the preceding three seconds, reports the Times.

The government is working to tackle mobile phone use on the road. Proposals have recently been put forward to double the number of penalty points issued to those caught using handheld phones when driving.

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