Video: SUVs don't float

Flooded SUV
YouTube/Typowe Granie

There's nothing like a bit of bad weather to bring out 4x4 drivers in their droves. Whether it be a flash flood or a bit of snow, you can guarantee your local SUV owners will be out there, sporting a smug grin as they casually cruise past drivers struggling to make progress in their regular hatchbacks.
However, as imperious as a towering off-roader can make you feel, there are limitations to their capabilities, as the Russian driver in the video below graphically proves.

Approaching a flooded roadway, this man's jacked-up mud-plugger has the chunky tyres and raised suspension you don't get on the average school-run crossover, so he confidently steams into the murky water.

Things get deeper, but our man doesn't lose his nerve, preferring to keep his foot in until he clears the hazard, and emerges on the other side. Unfortunately for him, things don't quite work out that way, and he instead ends up drowning the poor car, before standing helplessly on its submerged corpse as his friends laugh on.

Click play to watch the video below and remember it next time you're faced with an obstacle in your 'lifestyle vehicle'.

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