Grannies barred from shops over kitchen roll row

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Lillian Clarke and Margaret Yates
Lillian Clarke and Margaret Yates

Two elderly bargain-hunters on mobility scooters have been branded a 'nuisance' and banned from a shopping centre following a row over a pack of kitchen rolls.

Margaret Yates and Lillian Clarke, both in their 70s, were regular shoppers at the Britannia Centre in Hinkley.

However, on a recent shopping trip, Ms Clarke says she forgot to pay for some kitchen roll. "I went back to pay for it the next day when I realised," she told The Mirror.

"But next time I went to go in with Margaret we were accused of stealing. I went to get two scratchcards and as I came away from the till the manager came up to me and said that I was barred.

"Then the next thing is we are barred from the whole of the Britannia Centre."

Ms Clarke also claims staff called her and Mrs Yates "a nuisance on their scooters".

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Ban will be upheld

While the ladies maintain they have done nothing wrong, a manager at the Britannia Centre has insisted the ban will not be withdrawn.

Phil Wheeler told the Daily Mail: "This [ban] applies to anyone - if someone is caught shoplifting from any of the shops in the centre they will be automatically banned.

"If they try to come back into the centre when they are banned, technically they are trespassing."

'We shop at Morrisons now'

Ms Yates told claims the ordeal has "made me ill", adding: "I suffer with my nerves as it is and it upsets me that I can't go there to do my shopping."

But she maintains the Britannia Centre will lose out as a result of their ban: 'We used to spend a lot of money... there.

"We go to Morrisons now."

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