Lion saves cub from falling into moat at zoo (video)

Roshina Jowaheer
African Lion cubs at West Midlands Safari Park
African Lion cubs at West Midlands Safari Park

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The moment a lioness saved her cub from falling into a moat at a zoo was captured on camera by a 10-year-old girl.

In the video, the cub's mother Kashifa is seen saving one of her cubs Jabari after it lost its footing at Zoo Miami.

Amanda Carmeli was visiting the zoo with her parents when she saw the scene unfold.

Kashifa was seen climbing up the embankment as she held tightly onto her cub.

A spokesman for the zoo told ABC News that it is not the first time a cub has fallen into a moat.

"The zoo is set up so the animals aren't in cages," Zoo Miami's Ron Magill said. "They're out in open-moated exhibits so there's no barrier to prevent them from going into the moat."

He added: "It was always a concern of ours that the cubs may fall in the moat so before they were let out in the exhibit they were each swim-tested."

Carmeli told WPLG that the cub was given comforting licks by its family once it was rescued by Kashifa.

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