Baby found alone in boat off Spanish coast

Ruth Doherty
Baby found alone migrant boat in Spain
Baby found alone migrant boat in Spain

A baby girl was found to be travelling alone without her parents on a boat with other migrants off Spain's south coast.

Coastguards were shocked to find the baby alone on Tuesday. She was found in one of the 94 inflatable boats that reached the Spanish coast earlier this week from Morocco, reports the Daily Mail.

Red Cross workers called her Princesa, Spanish for Princess, and she was found soaked and shaking with a temperature of 38.5C.

Red Cross spokesperson Miguel Domingo told The Local: "We took care of the girl while she was here, a nurse gave her a check up and volunteers stayed with her, giving her bottled milk.

"These are similar to the procedures we follow with all babies who arrive here after being rescued at sea, because their mothers arrive on shore very tired. The only difference in this case, of course, was our volunteers had to stay with the baby girl at all times."

Princesa's boat had departed from Morocco before being intercepted en route to Tarifa, Spain's southernmost port.

According to other rescued African immigrants, an altercation with Moroccan police officers before the inflatable boat's departure prevented the parents from making it on with their child.

The government of Andalucia has taken custody of Princesa, and she has temporarily been placed with a family while authorities wait to hear from her parents.

Spain's Interior Ministry said 1,338 migrants have been intercepted trying to reach Spain by boat since 4 August.

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