Son surprises mother with her dream car

Mother's surprise
YouTube/Corey Wadden

A mother's job is a thankless one – or so I was continually told as a child. Years of endless school runs, wiping snotty noses and putting up with teenage temper tantrums would take its toll on anyone, yet mums just get on with it, receiving no more in the way of gratitude than a hastily scribbled mother's day card each year.
One US chap, though, has decided to show his mum exactly what she means to him by surprising her with her dream car. Yes, that's right – those petrol station posies you rocked up with on your mum's last birthday look rather pathetic now, don't they?

Luckily for the young man, her favourite wheels weren't a brand new Jaguar or Mercedes convertible, but a 41-year-old Saab 99 EMS. However, it still took him a year of hard graft to save up enough money – something that must have only heightened the satisfaction of watching his mother's reaction to being presented with her dream wheels.

Click play below to watch the video. We'd put money on you calling your own mum after it's finished.

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