Bulldog travels two miles on bus after escaping owner

Sinead Moore
Bulldog travels 2 miles on bus in Brighton without owner
Bulldog travels 2 miles on bus in Brighton without owner

A bulldog travelled two miles on a busy city bus after getting separated from his owner.

The dog, named Bullseye, jumped onto the number 22 bus in Brighton to avoid the rain as the bus stopped to let passengers on.

At first passengers assumed he was with his owner.

According to the Daily Mail, it was not until the crowded bus reached its destination at Imperial Arcade that people on board realised the animal was all alone.

Bullseye remained with the bus driver until a dog warden from Brighton and Hove City Council came to rescue him, reports The Argus.

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove Bus Company said: 'The bus was taken out of service and all the passengers had to be taken off.

'The driver then stayed with the dog for more than an hour while the warden was called.

'Steve said he was a lovely dog and wanted to thank all the passengers for their help in holding on to him as he wasn't wearing a collar.'

Bullseye, was eventually reunited with his owners after being taken to a vets in Patcham near Brighton.

The adventurous dog did not have a microchip but luckily a member of the public bumped into a group of concerned children searching for the bulldog in Queen's Park, Brighton, and informed them of Bullseye's whereabouts.

The dog's owner, Scott Maynard, said: 'I went outside to talk to a neighbour and Bullseye must have escaped.

'It was raining and he hates that so he must have run round the corner and maybe got on the bus to shelter.

'My two boys were devastated when he went and we're so glad to have him back. It sounds like he had quite an adventure.'

Scott, his partner Terrie Nott and their two sons were relieved to be reunited with their pet.

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