Video: Pagani Zonda owner gets a bump start

Pagani Zonda

Supercar ownership (or so we'd imagine) can be a rather frustrating affair. While the purveyors of sleek sports cars will sell you dreams of blasting through the Alps with the engine singing and the wind in your hair, the reality – particularly if you venture anywhere near a built-up area – can be somewhat different.
Being notoriously wide, and cursed with heavy controls and poor visibility, the average supercar doesn't make for the ideal city runabout. Add to that their propensity to quickly drain their batteries, and you can quickly have a nightmare scenario on your hands.

And so it proved for the Pagani Zonda owner in the video below. Having attracted a crowd in the French Riviera city of Cannes, he attempts to make an effortlessly cool getaway, but is thwarted by the tell-tale ticking from the starter motor, with the battery unable to awaken the huge 7.3-litre motor.

No matter, as the gaggle of gawping onlookers is on hand to give him a push, and a short while later the car's exotic V12 engine fires into life, allowing the driver to roar off in the manner he'd first imagined.

Click play below to watch the footage, and take consolation from the fact that it's not just your rusty banger that's a liability.

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