​Slow-mo drag racing explosions

Drag racer fire

When it comes to motorsport, you don't get more bang for your buck than in proper drag racing. But what comes with a big engine is lots of fuel – and lots of flames when everything goes wrong.
This video fished out by Top Gear, shows a medley of brave drivers being gently chargrilled by their over-endowed mega-machines, all in glorious, high-definition, super slow-mo detail.

Expect burning rubber, burning fuel, burning metal, burning everything really – though miraculously none of the power-crazed acceleration-junkies behind the wheel were hurt. Spectators also escaped with nothing more than some amazing flame-filled photos.

Compiled by America's National Hot Rod Association, this video definitely warrants a few minutes of anyone's time – except ardent environmentalists who are likely to burst into flames at the wanton internal – and external – combustion on display.

Take a look at this festival of speed, fire and rippling red-hot metal for yourself below:

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