Big bear takes a dip in triplets' paddling pool

Sinead Moore
Bear takes a dip in paddling pool in California
Bear takes a dip in paddling pool in California

A California family got the fright of their lives when they looked out their living room window to see a brown bear rolling about in their paddling pool.

Toshi Miyamoto's daughter was the first to spot the bear but when she shouted "big bear!" her father presumed she was referring to the place.

"We just came back from Big Bear Mountain," Miyamoto told KNBC News in Los Angeles. "So [I thought] she is talking about Big Bear mountain."

Miyamoto then got his camera to record the bizarre incident.

"Oh my god, there is a bear, Carole!" Miyamoto can be heard shouting to his wife, as the family gathered around the patio door to watch the animal in action.

According to Global News, the bear was only interested in beating the intense heat by taking a quick dip in the kiddie pool.

The animal seems quite relaxed as he splashes about in the tiny pool in the family's back yard, much to the amusement of Miyamoto's three-year-old triplets.

Eventually the bear lost interest and left over their fence, reports

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