Racers guess the car from man's vocal imitation

Daniel Jovanov car impersonations
We've all seen children burbling away making car noises. Former Australia's Got Talent contestant Daniel Jovanov, however, has taken this to another level with his truly convincing car impressions.
In this video, Jovanov impersonates a range of different machines and asks three VW World Rally Championship drivers to identify them.

Jovanov, who appeared on the Australian talent show in 2012, imitates everything from a Red Bull F1 car to a Lamborghini Gallardo and Subaru Impreza rally car, with the drivers guessing the car from the sound.

Showing a picture of the car to the camera with the drivers behind him, Jovanov takes on the Red Bull F1 car, Lamborghini Gallardo and three rally cars – including the drivers' own VW Polo rally car – chalking up a near-perfect score with the racers. This all comes from the man who was told by Dannii Minogue on Australia's Got Talent: "That wasn't good or great – it was fully sick dude."

Watch the video below to see – and hear – Jovanov in action:

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