Chiweenie dog saved from coyote attack by rottweiler (video)

Ruth Doherty

A tiny pet chiweenie dog was saved from almost certain death in a coyote attack, by his feisty friend and neighbour - a rottweiler called Happy.

It was surely little Trixxie the chiweenie - a cross between a Chihuahua and a dachshund - who was the most happy after the terrifying incident.

A security camera captured the moment the coyote came bounding out of the woods after spotting a dinner opportunity when Trixxie was roaming around in her back yard, reports the Mirror.

But he didn't count on the dog's loyal pal being an enormous rottweiler, and was unceremoniously chased out of town after dropping little Trixxie when Happy charged to the rescue.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube and has clocked up over two million views so far.

There have been mixed reactions, with some people suggesting the dog should be kept in a run.

One person wrote: "Perhaps it's time for a dog run?"

And other said: "That chiweenie is like lunch on a chain. You live in area where coyotes roam, can't leave a small dog outside. We have had coyotes run up and grab small dogs while the owners were walking them on a leash, when the owner tried to go after them other coyotes defend their meal."

Others have expressed how impressed they were with Happy the protective rottweiler.

One said: "Hope you bought that rottie some treats. LOL Bless his heart, it made me tear up to see him bring the smack down on that coyote!"

Another viewer quipped: "I love how it turned the tables and the hunter became the hunted.... that coyote was probably shocked when it saw that tank of a rottie charging it."

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