German Paper claims British tourists are worst sunbed hogs

Ruth Doherty
Germans say British holidaymakers are biggest sunbed hoggers
Germans say British holidaymakers are biggest sunbed hoggers

Us Brits have always accused the Germans of being sunbed hoggers - but a newspaper is reporting that it's the British who are the biggest sunbed "squatters".

German tabloid Bild has reportedly monitored towel-reserving activity at a Costa Brave hotel and concluded "the English are the worst lounger squatters".

According to the Daily Telegraph, Bild interviewed some of the early-bird Brits, with one telling the paper: "If we all want to lie together, we have no other choice."

There's one thing the Germans are definitely more likely to do than us British holidaymakers, however - and that's to sunbathe naked.

A report released last month revealed Germans and Austrians are most likely to sunbathe nude at the beach while on holiday.

For the third year running, Germans topped the list, but for the first time, Austrians were also named the most likely to sunbathe naked.

28 per cent of German and Austrian beach-goers admitted having spent a day at the beach in the buff.

Expedia's annual Flip Flop report examines the most prevalent joys and anxieties among beach-goers worldwide, including comfort with public nudity, opinions on speedo-style, brief swimwear and fear of sharks. Managing Director Andy Washington told AOL Travel: "Brits have long been associated with a bit of modesty at the beach, especially in comparison to our more beach-confident European neighbours, but we remain a nation of beach-lovers and less than 5% of us would ever be deterred from booking a beach holiday by the prospect of seeing others nude or topless."

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