Mercedes injects some style into Mario Kart

Mario in a MercedesYouTube/NintendoWiiUUK

For most gamers wanting to thrash their dream wheels on a virtual racetrack, there are a plethora of racing games and driving simulators on the market, each claiming to provide the most realistic experience.
However, those who prefer their driving games to be a little less stern and serious, there has been little opportunity to scratch that petrolhead itch. Now, though, Mercedes has come to the rescue, by licencing a number of its models for use in Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Wii.

Available to download from August 27, an additional content pack will allow players to go into cartoonish battle with two iconic Mercedes models: the stunning 300SL roadster of the 1950s and the W25 'Silver Arrow' classic Formula race car. A third option is also available in the form of the much less iconic GLA crossover.

The game will also be updated with a new 'Mercedes Cup' in which players can test out their skills against each other online.

The release of this additional content marks the first time a real-world car has been featured in a Mario Kart game – something Mercedes sees an important step in increasing its appeal to younger car buyers.

This isn't the first time we've seen Mario at the wheel of a Mercedes. The German brand recently used the world's most famous plumber to promote its GLA crossover in a Japanese television advertising campaign. You can check out that advert, as well as footage of the new downloadable game pack below.

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