Motorist shot dead by short-sighted hunter

Accident victim

A Polish driver has been shot dead after his car was mistaken for a wild boar by a short-sighted hunter.
Josef Kuchar was killed after being shot in the neck and chest as he drove through woodland near the town of Leczyca, in the centre of the country.

His passenger, 21-year-old Lukasz Nowakowski was also hit in the chest in the accident, but survived.

The hunter, Zbigniew Kowalski, 60, allegedly fired a volley of shots at the pair's car as he tracked boars in the forest. He has since been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Though mortally wounded, Mr Kuchar managed to escape the scene and drive back to his parents' house, where an ambulance was called. He later succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

Prosecutor Krzystof Kopania said: "The two men were wounded, but the driver Josef Kuchar, who later died, managed to drive them both to his home where his parents immediately called an ambulance," reports the Daily Mail.

"But by the time he got to hospital it was too late."

Hunter under arrest

She continued: "We identified the hunter, he was immediately detained and he confirmed that he had mistakenly shot at the car.

"He realised his mistake when the 'wild boar' started its engine and drove off, but because whoever had driven off had clearly been alive he assumed he had missed the vehicle."

Amazingly, rather than alert authorities to his fatal mistake, Kowalski simply continued hunting, and wasn't aware that he'd killed someone until police arrived to question him some time later.

If found guilty of manslaughter, Kowalski faces a prison sentence of around five years.
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