Ferrari driver lucky to survive horror smash

UAE Ferrari smash

A motorist has been lucky to escape with his life after being involved in a major traffic collision that saw his high-powered Ferrari California sports car completely destroyed.
The driver, an unidentified Gulf national in his 20s, was driving along a highway in the city of Ajman, UAE, when he lost control and collided with five cars, before coming to rest underneath a bus, which was carrying around 50 passengers at the time.

The crumpled state of the Ferrari initially led first responders to assume that the occupants had died. They were surprised to find both the driver and his passenger alive with only minor injuries.

An Ajman Police spokesman said: "When we reached the area and saw the damaged Ferrari, we couldn't believe that the driver survived," reports

Both injured parties were taken to hospital where they are reported to be making good recoveries.

The Emirati police are accusing the Ferrari driver of causing the collision through excessive speed and sudden swerving.

Major Saif Al Felasi, head of Ajman's traffic police, urged drivers to put safety first.

"Motorists should be more careful while driving and use their seatbelts," he said. "Accidents can happen in a second."

The accident caused major congestion in the city, which took several hours to dissipate, as it happened on a bridge on a busy transport artery.

Investigations into the collision continue.
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