Lion attacks car of film-makers on safari (video)

Ruth Doherty

The terrifying moment a lion attacks a group of film-makers' car in South Africa has been caught on camera.

The men can be heard nervously laughing as the lion paws at the windows desperately trying to break in.

The incident was filmed at The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, according to the Mirror.

One of the men can be heard saying, "Hey buddy" as the animal does his best to get in the car.

When the lion breaks the wing mirror with one swipe of its paw, the team decide it's time to move on, and speed off - with the lion and a pal in hot pursuit.

Back in April, a family was left in a terrifying predicament on an Easter holiday trip to Longleat Safari Park - after their car caught fire in the lion enclosure.

The car overheated at the Wiltshire attraction leaving the family unsure of whether to stay in the car or literally get out in to the lion's den.

Thankfully, rangers managed to rescue the woman and two children before the entire car burst into flames.

Kevin Ashley, from Longleat Safari Park, told the BBC: "The lions were cleared from the enclosure and the safari park was closed."

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