Black leopard leaps on carer for a cuddle (video)

Sinead Moore
Pardus the leopard@HuffPost Live
Pardus the leopard@HuffPost Live

Rescued Leopard Leaps Onto Caregiver In Loving Embrace
Rescued Leopard Leaps Onto Caregiver In Loving Embrace

This touching video shows Pardus, an orphaned black leopard embracing a volunteer that helped raise her after she was brought to the Cheetah Experience, a wildlife conservation in South Africa just hours after her mother abandoned her in the wild.

Pardus was underweight when she was rescued and experts believe her mother did not have enough milk to feed her.

Volunteer Juhi Agrawal helped raise Pardus and many more wild cats from birth.

Despite her huge size, apparently Pardus still thinks she is a small cub as she runs and jumps into Juhi's arms. The playful cat paws at her as she laughs joyfully.

Juhi has no reservations as the cats are said not to pose a threat to their caregivers.

Riana Van Nieuwenhuizen, founder of the charity, told the Daily Mail: "She is just jumping and playing like they would in a tree.

"The human interaction enriches their lives in captivity. We take them out on walks so they are not in the cages all the time. Pardus loves her walks on the plains."

Sadly, Pardus will never be released back into the wild as the charity believes leopards who are born in captivity must remain in captivity.

Ms Van Nieuwenhuizen said: "Unfortunately, the ones that are born in captivity have to stay in captivity. We do not want to mix the genes of a leopard in captivity with one in the wild."

When Pardus is older, the Cheetah Experience hopes to introduce her to fellow black leopard Panthera, who is a year older, so she can breed, reports the Mirror.

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