Sadistic driver throws kittens from fast-moving car

adorable meowing tabby kitten...

Motorists on the A13 in Essex were left horrified after a driver began throwing kittens from his vehicle onto the dual carriageway on Saturday.
Drivers were forced to take evasive action after a total of four kittens were thrown from the passenger window of an unidentified vehicle, on a stretch of the busy transport link near Pitsea.

Unfortunately, three of the kittens died in the incident, though one survived after being rescued by a passing driver, Matthew Tyler, who witnessed the shocking display of animal cruelty as he travelled with his family.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: "What I witnessed was absolutely disgusting. My wife and son were hysterical.

"I drove on to the main A13 roundabout where I had to swerve quickly to avoid a kitten.

"I then proceeded on to the A132 where kittens were being chucked from a car every 100m or so."

Mr Tyler was able to retrieve one of the injured kittens from the road, before rushing it to vets at the PDSA animal charity. The animal is reported to be making a good recovery.

However, due to the shock of witnessing the callous driver's actions, he was unable to recall the car's number plate.

"Because I was busy swerving around kittens and my wife was hysterical," he added. "We didn't manage to get the details of the car the kittens were being thrown from.

"It was a couple of cars in front of us.

"But I am pleading with anyone who saw this sick act, or knows anything, to contact the police.

"The people who did this need to be found."

The PDSA is now arranging a permanent home for the rescued cat.
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