1,964th Ford Mustang 50 Year edition to go under the hammer

Ford Mustang

Much of the world is still waiting to sample Ford's eagerly anticipated new Mustang. However, despite it not being launched in its domestic US market until the Autumn, the Blue Oval has wasted no opportunity to ramp-up the hype machine by putting a special limited edition model up for auction.
This latest model is the '50 Year' edition, built to celebrate the Mustang's half-century in production. Now, to hammer the point home even further, the 1,964th example (see what they did there?) will be sold to raise money for charity, in honour of the year the iconic 'pony car' made its market debut.

So what will the lucky winner get for their inevitably inflated sum of money? Model 1,964 is the last of the 50 Year edition production run, all of which are based on the Mustang GT Fastback. Well aside from a unique plaque on the instrument panel, a one-off pace car package will be added to the car, though details of what that will include are thin on the ground, other than the signatures of Bill Ford and "other Ford executives".

Unfortunately, the motor hasn't been fettled, though with 435bhp, the 5.0-litre V8 is arguably more than powerful enough as it is.

The winning bidder will also get an exclusive VIP package to a Ford NASCAR event in Miami, where there new acquisition will have the honour (depending on how you look at it) of leading the pack as the official pace car.

Interested? The Barrett-Jackson auction takes place on 25 September in Las Vegas. All proceeds go to the Edith and Benson Ford Heart and Vascular Institute.

50 Year limited edition Ford Mustang
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1,964th Ford Mustang 50 Year edition to go under the hammer
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