Dog helps run a cigarette shop in Tokyo

Ruth Doherty
Dog in Japan helps run bodega
Dog in Japan helps run bodega

A dog has been spotted helping out at a cigarette shop in Tokyo, Japan.

This YouTube video shows a customer approaching the bodega (cigarette shop). A dog jumps up and opens the window, as if he's ready to serve him, reports

The owner then appears and takes over from there, and the dog gets treated with some snacks.

According to Bored Panda, the cute Shiba Inu attracts regular customers and tourists keen to get a peak of the canine shopkeeper.

Meanwhile, another dog over in China has turned 'pet detective' for his shopkeeper owner - and helps run the shop by keeping track of the money.

The dog, called Huanhuan, helps owner Zhang collect money from customers, and if anybody tries to leave without paying, he will stop them.

The pup can even detect counterfeit bills, and at four months old was able to tell whether money was real or not.

The website dogheirs.comreports that, if given two 100 yuan banknotes with a fake one mixed in, Huanhuan can choose the real one.

He even takes money to go and buy his favourite snack, a baked sweet potato.

Huanhuan has reportedly become something of a local celebrity in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province with many people visiting the grocery store just to see the dog in action.

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