Brighton beach is "better than Dubai, Miami and Barcelona"

deck chairs on brighton beach ...

Brighton beach has beaten those in Barcelona, Dubai, Miami, and Vancouver to secure the position of fourth best city beach in the world.

According to CNN, Ipanema beach in Rio De Janeiro is the best city beach in the world, followed by, Bondi beach in Sydney and Waikiki beach in Honolulu.

CNN said: "Brighton's proximity to the British capital has earned it a reputation as a kind of "London-on-Sea."

"Yet while some apply the soubriquet derisively, the town's fusion of hip urban energy and fresh sea air acts as a tonic to any traveler and commuter ills.

"The beach, which is mostly shingle down to the low tide mark, is a far cry from the paradise cliches -- this is England after all -- but it resonates charm and pulses with energy, especially on rare sunny days.

"Arcane British seaside traditions such as stripy deckchairs, sticks of rock candy and fairground rides abound, but Brighton Lanes -- a maze of quaint streets and alleyways crammed with independent shops -- are a stone's throw away."

CNN gave a lowdown of the pros and cons of the popular seaside town.

Brighton was granted 5/5 for food/drink and the party factor.

CNN said: "London of the sea" is blessed with a superb eating and drinking scene"

"Great nightclubs and music venues and frequent appearances on the beach by big names make Brighton popular with music fans."

The beach received 4/5 for visual stimulus.

"Brits aren't slow to strip off at the first glimpse of sun, so there's plenty of flesh on parade during summer. Brighton's (stony) naturist strand was the first official clothes-optional beach in Britain."

And it received 3/5 for both cleanliness and safe swimming.

"Although considered clean by British standards, Brighton doesn't have a Blue Flag -- official recognition by the international Foundation for Environmental Education of "super clean" status."

"The beach slopes sharply into the sea at high tide."

9 of the world's best city beaches

  1. Clifton Beaches (Cape Town)
  2. Ipanema Beach (Rio De Janeiro)
  3. Bondi Beach (Sydney)
  4. Waikiki Beach (Honolulu)
  5. Brighton Beach (UK)
  6. Barceloneta Beach (Barcelona)
  7. Jumeirah Beach (Dubai)
  8. Miami Beach (Miami)
  9. Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver, B.C.)

What do you think? Did Brighton deserve to be named the fourth best city beach in the world? Let us know in the comments below.

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Brighton beach is "better than Dubai, Miami and Barcelona"

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Brighton beach is "better than Dubai, Miami and Barcelona"

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What visitors say: "This is by far the most beautiful beach I have been on earth. Crystal clear blue/green water which you can walk in for half a mile, sand bars everywhere. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this place was." 

What visitors say: "We were here just for a few hours, but they were the most relaxing, calming and idyllic few hours we have spent for a long time. This is a beach that we only imagined existed in dreams. The beach was exceptionally clean, white silica, turquoise waters and fish feeding from our hands."

What visitors say: "The beaches of Ses Illetes on Formentera are absolutely amazing.... Crystal clear water,white sandy beaches...just like in the Caribbean, right here in the Med."

What visitors say: "Soft warm sand between the toes, the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean lapping up the shore line, sunny days where even the rain is part of paradise."

What visitors say: "Paradise! If you only have one beach to visit whilst you are on the island then this has to be it! Would definitely return here." 

What visitors say: A "gem in the crown of Gower" has "unbelievable views"; it's "clean and peaceful... "The BEST in the West."... "The most amazing sight on the lovely Gower Coast."

What visitors say: "Nice long beach located to the extreme north of Isla Mujeres. Even if the sea is rough everywhere else on the island, it seems that it is always calm on Playa del Norte. Just laying around and enjoying the view is the best way to conclude a visiting day on the island."

What visitors say: "You can walk for ever on powder sand and not see anyone else!!! You feel like Robinson Crusoe and you find peace and relaxation."

What visitors say: "The beach is like a paradise.. I truly think I haven't seen anything more beautiful in my life."

What visitors say: "It was a breathtaking view. The waves were rough, you have white sand beaches on one side and mountainous rocks on the other. The seclusion keeps the numbers low."

What visitors say: “Don't miss the walk through the caves”

What visitors say: "Catch the low tide and the Cathedral will reveal itself. It is one of the most breath-taking natural attractions I've seen. The beach itself is gorgeous, just the view on top of the rocks of the Atlantic will make one feel dizzy with pleasure."

What visitors say: "This is a near perfect beach. The sand is soft and there is plenty of it. There is a great boardwalk all along the water as well. Everywhere there is something to do whether it be walking, running, people watching, eating, having a coffee or shopping."

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What visitors say: "It is a dream, go and see for yourself!"

What visitors say: “A stunningly beautiful white powder sand beach. Crystal clear, warm water that you can laze in for days on end.”

What visitors say: "There was nothing to dislike, a beautiful place in every way and snorkelling - well words cannot describe. Perfect."


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