Prague is best value for family holiday


Prague is the best value holiday destination for families, offering sunshine, culture and activities, this summer, with a week's holiday costing £2,402 for a family of four. This makes it the best value 'all-round' location in the top ten most popular currency destinations*, despite an increase of £80 on last summer, according to research from M&S Bank.

The second best value 'all-round' destination in the top ten currency destinations is Dubrovnik, where a week-long trip for a family of four to the Croatian capital costs £2,757 down from £2,791 in summer 2013. The saving of £34 on last year can be attributed to the strength of the pound against the kuna.
Turkey remains the third best value destination, costing £2,941 for a family of four, despite having the largest increase (£207) in price on last year. While the pound has gained 19% on the Lira since last summer, the uplift in price reflects increased inflation in the Turkish economy.

For families looking to venture further afield this summer, Dubai and Thailand are among the more affordable long-haul destinations offering a combination of culture and sun, sea and sand; for a total cost of £3,196 and £3,739 for a week respectively.

Paul Stokes, head of travel money at M&S Bank, said: "The cost of a holiday to many of the top ten most popular currency destinations has risen less than inflation and offer relatively good value this summer, which is great news for families looking to get away during the school holidays.

"Furthermore, for the family that wants a destination with it all this summer, we've researched some of the best value holidays offering a combination of sunshine and relaxation, activities and culture.

"It's important for holidaymakers to look at the total cost of the holiday, including local costs; selecting a destination with a favourable exchange rate can help holidaymakers get more from their travel money this summer, enabling significant savings."

Family of four for a week 2013 (2014)

  • Czech Republic, Prague (koruna) £2,322 (£2,402)
  • Croatia, Dubrovnik (kuna) £2,791 (£2,757)
  • Turkey, Antalya (lira) £2,734 (£2,941)
  • Spain, Barcelona (euro) £3,065 (£3,139)
  • UAE, Dubai (dirham) £3,138 (£3,196)
  • Switzerland,Geneva (franc) £3,620 (£3,630)
  • Thailand, Bangkok (baht) £3,669 (£3,739)
  • USA, New York (US dollar) £4,971 (£5,064)
  • Australia, Sydney (Australian dollar) £5,871 (£5,996)
  • Canada, Vancouver (Canadian dollar) £6,342 (£6,459)

Top ten for currency 2014 (2013)

  • Euro (Euro)
  • US Dollar (US Dollar)
  • Australian Dollar (Australian Dollar)
  • Turkish Lira (Turkish Lira)
  • Canadian Dollar (Canadian Dollar)
  • UAE Dirham (UAE Dirham)
  • Thai Baht (Thai Baht)
  • Croatian Kuna (Swiss Franc)
  • Swiss Franc (Croatian Kuna)
  • Czech Koruna (South African Rand)
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