​Bristol "is worst UK city for drivers"

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Bristol is the worst city in the UK for motorists, according to a pressure group.
The Alliance of British Drivers has made a video that highlights all the problems, ranging from congestion and speed limits to parking.

Campaign group director Brian Macdowall, who narrates the video, told the Bristol Post that the city represents a "typical UK town's everyday traffic nightmares".

In the video, the alliance claims that Bristol is widely seen as being "anti-car", with road space "deliberately" taken from motorists.

Mr Macdowall states in the video: "The main A4 road into the city has a mix of speed limits, which are confusing, bear no relation to the natural speed of the road and have not prevented a number of deaths on the road.

"Parking is expensive, with off-street parking costing £20 for a working day in the centre of the city. This causes many commuters to park in surrounding residential streets."

He claimed that mayor George Ferguson was pro-driver before being elected but had since "gone out of his way to change the roads, with things like the 20mph zones, and has just generally clamped down on drivers but seems to have just added to traffic congestion."

However, Councillor Ferguson hit back, telling the Post that nearly 57,000 people working in the city now commuted on bike or by foot. He said: "Over 43,000 car commutes are less than three miles and 13,000 of these 1.5 miles or less, which is bad for the drivers' health, for other people's health and even for the health of their cars.

"The car has its place as part of a sensible mix of transport options, but currently the city suffers from congestion caused largely by car commuting with an average occupancy of 1.1 [people] per car.
"We must resist the mentality which has caused so many hours of frustration for people stuck in traffic jams and significant air-quality issues in parts of the city.

"Instead, we are taking a more balanced approach to make it more attractive and practical to travel sustainably, with less hassle for those people who really need to use their cars."
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