Weird hotels around the world: Would you sleep here?

Roshina Jowaheer

Ugly or beautiful? Whatever you think, these buildings are home to some of the quirkiest, most unusual hotels for travellers in search of more than just a bed for the night. These amazing hotels are unique in every way, with their weird exteriors, strange decor and unbelievable locations.

Take the futuristic space pod (pictured) sitting high above Argentina's Mendoza vineyards. This quirky hideaway was built in the foothills of the Andes and is surrounded by cherry trees and vines. While the outlandish Hotel Marques de Riscal in Northern Spain offers an extraordinary stay in one of renowned architect Frank Gehry's masterpieces. The titanium panels were made to reflect the flow and ebb of Rioja, with several tinged a delicate pink to represent the faint Burgundy stain of the region's world-famous wine.

If you're looking for a holiday to remember, a hotel made from strange items could be the answer. See pictures of the world's weirdest looking hotels below:

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The CasAnus Colon-Shaped Hotel in Flanders, Belgium
The CasAnus Colon-Shaped Hotel in Flanders, Belgium