UK heatwave: August set to be the hottest on record

Ruth Doherty
UK weather: Heatwave to make August the hottest on record
UK weather: Heatwave to make August the hottest on record

Never mind the July heatwave - August is going to be one of the hottest ever, with temperatures hitting 100F, according to new reports.

The Express reports that the jet stream will bring boiling temperatures from the Continent and Africa, sending the mercury through the roof, and creating the hottest summer for more than 300 years.

A number of weather forecasters are suggesting that August will start off cooler than July, but that it will then heat up to super-hot status.

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said August could be one of the hottest months on record.

He told the Express: "There are at least two intense heat spikes expected through August expected mid and late months with temperatures rocketing during these periods.

"This is a bit of a scorpion of a summer with a real sting in the tail, these bursts of hot weather will probably be summer's scorching curtain call."

And Piers Corbyn at Weather Action agreed. According to the website, Piers says: "We are 80 per cent confident that Central England mean temperatures (which covers a large triangular region typical of most of the Midlands and much of the South of England) this August will pip or be equal to the warmest on record."

However, he adds, with heat comes thunderstorms: "Different parts of the UK & Eire will be different and after a variable first few days of August, it will get hotter but will not be hot all the time in all parts and there will be intense thunderstorms with hail and threats of thunder in parts of the month."

Leon Brown, forecaster at The Weather Channel, agreed it will be a cooler start to August.

He told Aol Travel: "On Friday, showers will become more widespread as a cold front pushes through, with some heavy falls across the north and west. But there will still be some sunny spells for the south east until showers reach there later in the day.

"Saturday will be a mixture of sunshine and showers. Temperatures will reach around 22C for London on Friday and Saturday."

And July has also been a belter. According to the Mirror, it was the 27th hottest month since records began in 1659.

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