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Dear Fixer,
I am keen to cut my home energy bills, and help reduce my household's impact on the environment, by fitting solar panels to the roof of my home.

However, it seems very expensive to fit them. Is it worth spending money to install solar panels? And are there any ways I can cut the cost?

D Hartley, Swansea

Dear Mr Hartley,

It's not cheap to install renewable energy technology such as solar panels. But the good news is that the savings afterwards can be impressive.

Fitting a typical 4kWP solar panel, for example, will set you back between £6,000 and £9,000. However, a panel of this size could generate more electricity than you need and save you a massive £770 a year, according to figures from the Energy Saving Trust.

So, say you paid £6,000, you would recoup the cost in energy savings within eight years. What's more, you might qualify for a grant to help with or even cover the costs.

The government is keen for people to use more renewable energy and is working with gas and electricity suppliers to offer financial help to those keen to take up technologies such as solar power.

You can find out more about renewable energy here. For more details on the various grants available, meanwhile, check out this helpful guide.

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