Gatwick community police support officer guilty of conning passengers

Sarah Coles
Alexis Scott court case
Alexis Scott court case

Alexis Scott, a 40-year-old Police Community Support Officer from Plumstead, has been found guilty of conning tourists flying out of Gatwick airport, and has been told she faces jail - despite having a young baby at home.

According to the Daily Mail, Scott's wheeze was to tell passengers who were waiting to board planes out of the UK they could only take £1,000 each out of the country. She ordered them to hand over the excess, and said that anyone who refused would be detained and miss their flight. She claimed they would be able to claim the money back, but none of them ever saw the money again.

The Daily Telegraph reported that at least six passengers fell victim to the scam between April 8 and 24 last year, which netted her at least £10,000. Scott denied all charges, but was caught after passengers complained about the thefts and identified Scott as the woman who had taken their money. The court heard that she had major debts, and four country court judgements against her.

Along with the thefts she was found guilty of misconduct in a public office, and will be sentenced at a further hearing. It's shocking when someone in a position of responsibly abuses it, but it's not as uncommon as people think.

Police officers breaking the law
There have been plenty of police officers found on the wrong side of the law this month alone. One of the most shocking examples was when a Connecticut state trooper pleaded guilty to having stolen cash and jewellery from a dying motorcycle accident victim. The trooper had been in the force for 19 years and was caught on video from his dashboard cam.

Meanwhile, a former Indiana police officer pleaded guilty to having stolen $150,000 from a company for whom he transported cash. He avoided jail and kept his police pension by retiring before the department completed its internal investigation.

In California, a police commander's wife has been found guilty of massive identity theft - and her husband was found guilty of trying to cover up the crimes. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

And in Arkansas, a former state police lieutenant admitted to stealing drugs from an evidence vault and selling them on the streets for profit. He is yet to be sentenced.

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