Cornwall jellyfish alert: Tourist board reassures holidaymakers

Cornwall's tourism board is reassuring holidaymakers that the swarms of jellyfish being washed up on its beaches this summer pose no danger.

Warm currents around the UK's south-west coast have brought swarms of jellyfish to the area, including the Barrel jellyfish which, though harmless, is a staggering one metre in diameter, reports the International Business Times.

There have already been 500 jellyfish sightings across the south west seaboard this summer, according to the Marine Conservation Society. This is compared to just 1,133 sightings in the whole of 2013.

There have even been reported sightings of the infamous Portguese Man O'War. This jellyfish carries a very nasty sting, although it is far rarer than commonly sighted breeds such as the Moon jellyfish, which carries a very mild sting.

Experts have linked the rise in jellyfish to low wind levels and balmy sea temperatures, which have peaked at 21 degrees, reports the Daily Mail.

Numbers continue to rise, sparking fears that tourists will be put off visiting Cornish beaches.

Malcolm Bell from Visit Cornwall told Sky News: "It's no different really to rock pooling - you keep your eyes open for the crabs and everything else.

"It's part of the habitat, it's part of the fun thing about having a British beach holiday."

Conservationist Patrick Maher from Dive Newquay said: "The important thing to remember with jellyfish is that they can continue to sting even after they have been washed up on the beach and are dead.

"Don't poke them, don't pick them up - avoid them and allow the authorities to remove them, seek medical advice if you get stung by one, but we are very lucky in Cornwall to have these types of species in our waters."

Will this put you off visiting beaches in Cornwall? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cornwall jellyfish alert: Tourist board reassures holidaymakers

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