Dolphins in Cornwall delight tourists on beach

Ruth Doherty
Dolphins delight tourists on Cornwall beach
Dolphins delight tourists on Cornwall beach

Three dolphins put on an amazing display for surprised holidaymakers at a beach in Cornwall.

The playful dolphins were seen jumping out of the water just metres from tourists at a beach in Gwithian, Cornwall.

They jumped and dived right near the shoreline and one lucky visitor managed to take a picture, which was uploaded on the Cornwall Holiday Guide Facebook page.

Mary-Anne Drabble, who managed to capture the moment on camera on 25 July, described it as an "amazing" experience.

According to the Daily Telegraph, she said: "There were three of them and they were jumping out and showing off. It was just amazing to see. Everybody was cheering."

Some sceptics, however, commented beneath the picture that they thought it might be a fake.

One user wrote: "Fake look at the people on the beach they are not even looking, Dolphin is about 20 foot in shallow water ....any back up."

Another, Kayleigh Copley, replied: "U people are chuffing crazy I can see everyone looking the tides are very different to the likes of Skegness lol the depth can drop at any time plus I was there."

And Sophy Newton wrote: "THIS IS NOT A FAKE. I was there and so was my husband, sister and kids. We all saw it with our own eyes It was amazing. Don't be so quick to disbelieve!"

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