Baby giraffe born at Woburn Safari Park: beautiful photos

Sinead Moore

A baby giraffe was born at Woburn Safari Park this week - and visitors to the zoo were lucky enough to witness the arrival of the adorable newborn.

The calf is a member the gravely endangered Rothschild species.

Mother Freya gave birth to her fourth calf in the Road Safari reserve, surrounded by father Casper and the rest of the Woburn giraffe herd.

Woburn Safari Park - baby giraffe
Woburn Safari Park - baby giraffe

Woburn says it will encourage the herd, now 19 strong, to be actively involved in the youngster's birth and upbringing.

Visitors and staff watched in delight as the five and half foot calf took its first few steps.

The young giraffe is expected to grow to a statuesque 16 foot tall.

For now, the healthy calf is enjoying finding her feet and is already running around with the herd.

Woburn Safari Park
Woburn Safari Park

The newborn has not yet been named but according to Woburn Safari Park keeper, Chris Smart, she will take a name beginning with an 'O' following her playmates, Oscar and Orbit, who she'll be spending lots of time with.

With only a few hundred remaining in the wild, the Rothschild giraffe, which typically live for 25-30 years, is one of the most endangered species of giraffe. Poaching and habitat loss has resulted in numbers dwindling across East Africa, resulting in their protected species status.

The Bedfordshire-based park specialises in protecting and conserving endangered species.

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