Three men's quick reactions save their lives in terrifying truck crash (video)

Three men miraculously escaped with their lives after their lightning-speed reactions saved them from getting crushed by a truck.

The trio were happily minding their own business by the side of a road in Brazil when a truck comes careering out of control towards them.

In what seems to be superhero speed, all three men manage to move away from the roadside into the wall behind them as the truck hurtles towards them and crashes into a tree.

Art first it looks like the man on the end wasn't so lucky, but he is seen crawling out from underneath the truck, apparently unharmed.

According to the Metro, the driver also only suffered minor injuries.

Back in November, another terrifying road accident was caught on camera in Brazil.

CCTV caught the horrifying moment a grandmother was wiped off her feet by a taxi that had careered out of control.

Mirtes de Oliveira Podesta, 64, was about to step out on to a zebra crossing when the taxi came spinning around the corner, crashing into another car before hitting her and throwing her across the street in Maringa, Parana, south Brazil.

According to the Daily Mail, she said: "All I remember is that I was being very careful about crossing the street.

"I stopped at the zebra crossing and the lights changed for me to go across. I just can't figure out how this happened to me, but I am amazed that I am still alive."

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