Mouse spotted eating biscuits inside train station vending machine (video)

Ruth Doherty
Mouse spotted in train station vending machine
Mouse spotted in train station vending machine

A commuter caught the moment a mouse decided to snack on a packet of biscuits - inside a busy train station vending machine.

The rodent, which some papers have reported as being a rat, gnawed on biscuits in front of shocked passengers who caught the scene on camera.

According to the Mirror, the incident occurred at Sants-Estacio metro station in Barcelona, Spain, which serves Sants train station, the largest in the city.

Spanish underground train passenger Armand Serrano Maya caught the footage of the animal after noticing his chocolate bar had been nibbled at the corner.

According to the Daily Mail, he said: "I think the sound of me ordering a snack as it dropped into the bin scared the mouse off temporarily, but when I realised my chocolate bar had been nibbled I looked at the other items.

"I saw that some of them had also been eaten and wanted to take my phone to video them. But then I realised that the mouse was still there, and seconds later it moved back to the front of the vending machine and continued tucking into a pack of chocolate biscuits."

He added that the incident was "disgusting" and wanted to warn other passengers about it as the food is claimed to be fresh.

A spokesman for The Transport Metropolitans of Barcelona, which owns and operates the underground line, said the incident is being "fully investigated".

A spokesman for Selecta, the company that owned and operated the vending machine, said: "How the mouse got inside is a complete mystery but we can confirm that the machine has been taken out of service and in the meantime has been completely cleaned, disinfected and sanitised."

He added that in 16 years, and with 4,000 machines in operation across the country, the company had never experienced a similar incident.

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