Teen pilot dies in round-the-world charity flight after ocean crash

Teen pilot dies in round-the-world charity flight

A 17-year-old pilot trying to set a round-the-world flying record has died after his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

Haris Suleman went down off the American Samoa on the final leg of his charity flight around the globe.

His father, Babar Suleman, was also on board, but his body has not yet been recovered.

The teen had been trying to fly around the world in 30 days, leaving Indianapolis on 19 June and aiming to return there on 26 July in the hope of becoming the youngest pilot to do so in such a short time.

The Daily Telegraph reports that he was trying to raise $1 million for The Citizens Foundation charity to help build schools in Pakistan.

According to the BBC, Ms Suleman, daughter of Babar and sister to Haris, said: "You know in a trip like this there is always a risk, and they did prepare for the risk.

"They went to survival training. They took a course on how to survive and ocean landing, or an ocean crash. But you know, you can plan all you want but sometimes things just don't go the way that you plan."

She added: "They have not found my father so we are still hopeful and we're asking everybody to pray that he is returned safely and soon."

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