Last chance to get 7.5% return on your cash
Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

You have until the end of the month to secure a fixed 7.5% return on your cash via the E2 Energy project on green crowdfunding site Trillion Fund.

If you invest after 31st July, you'll miss the early bird bonus but you'll still qualify for a rate of 7.25%.

Who is Trillion Fund?

Trillion Fund is a crowdfunding site, focused on renewable energy projects. Projects currently listed on the site cover things like solar-powered hospitals, solar energy for schools and this wind farm project from E2 Energy.

It's free for investors to use – Trillion Fund makes its money by charging the projects a listing fee.

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Where is my money going?

E2 Energy (a joint project between wind turbine manufacturer Endurance Wind Power and Earthmill, an installer of wind turbines) is looking to raise £1.25 million to cover the cost of installing five wind turbine sites. The money that you invest is secured against five wind turbines already set up and working in Yorkshire and South Teesside.

The new sites have already received planning permission and are located in Yorkshire, the North West, North East, South Wales and Scotland.

The wind turbines will apparently generate enough energy to power 228 homes annually, though the energy will be used to power farmers and local businesses. The rest will be sold back to the grid.

How safe is my money?

The money invested is secured against existing wind turbines which are already generating a return from feed-in-tariffs, as well as selling energy back to the grid.

Trillion Fund says insurance and maintenance agreements are in place to cover the duration of the term.

While Trillion Fund is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, there's no Financial Services Compensation Scheme safety net to fall back on. So be aware that your money isn't quite as secure as if you placed it in a traditional bond with a bank.

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The return on your investment

As I've said, invest before 31st July and you benefit from an early bird bonus, meaning you get a 7.5% return. Invest after that date and you'll get a 7.25% rate.

It's not just for big investors though – you can invest with as little as £50.

Here's the return you can look forward to for a range of different investment sizes should you invest before 31st July.


What you'll get back after three years

















However you will be liable to pay Income Tax on the interest you get on your investment. This will have to be declared on a self-assessment tax return.

There are 70 days left in total to invest in the E2 Energy project. So far it has raised £311,750 of its £1.25 million target.

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How it compares

Below are the top three-year bonds currently available from banks, with the return you'd get from a £5,000 investment.



Minimum investment

Return from £5,000 investment

Shawbrook Bank Fixed Rate Bond Issue 20




Aldermore Three Year Fixed Rate Account




HiSave Fixed Rate Account




As you can see, if you're willing to take a little risk by foregoing traditional bonds, you can pocket more cash.

With projects like E2 Energy, you can also enjoy the fact that your money is helping the environment. So it's good for your bank balance AND good for the planet!

Find out more about the E2 Energy project on the Trillion Fund website

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