Amazing UFO-like storm pictured over Roswell (photos)

Roshina Jowaheer
ufo shaped storm in roswell
ufo shaped storm in roswell

A menacing storm cloud shaped like a UFO was captured by a daredevil photographer over Roswell, New Mexico.

Jody Miller, 63, who actively seeks out extreme weather conditions, grabbed her camera when she spotted the enormous clouds resembling otherworldly spaceships hovering above Roswell, which was made famous when an 'alien' reportedly crash-landed in 1947.

The pictures were snapped in just four hours as a fierce supercell loomed over the city.

Supercells are types of thunderstorms that have a rotating updraft and are also known as mesocyclones. They can cause hailstorms, flash floods and even tornados.

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Storm chaser Jody, from California, said: "Everyone thinks that storm chasing is scary business. If you are in the company of a trained meteorologist, as I was, you are in good hands and I never felt any danger.

"Although it looks as though we are right underneath the storms they are still miles away and we watch them pass by from 'photogenic' vantage points."

Jody, who has been chasing storms for two years, added: "Having said that, one should never try it alone and always rely on a good meteorologist to guide him or her near storms of this nature, as they are indeed violent and do wreak damage on the areas that they pass directly over.

"Most of these storms pass over uninhabited areas but when they do hit towns and cities the results can be tragic - and often are."

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