Diner complains about cockroach in his salad, waitress EATS it

Roshina Jowaheer

A shocked diner who found a dead cockroach in his salad at a restaurant in China was even more stunned when a waitress picked it up and ate it.

Businessman Zhang Yen, 43, was tucking into his meal at the Jinsha Era Plaza hotel restaurant in Chengdu when he saw the insect.

He complained to the waitress which led to a row.

According to the Daily Mail, 39-year-old Jin Kuo said: "No matter which restaurant you go to, you will always find cockroaches in the food. It is very normal."

Shanghaiist reports that when Zhang told her to eat it, she obliged.

"He said that he would not complain anymore if I eat the cockroach, so everything is fine now by eating the cockroach," she said.

Speechless Zhang was forced to pay for the meal. The restaurant's owner apologised to him and said he would reduce the waitress's wages, explaining that the bug may have blown into his dish by the hot gas in the kitchen. But social media users who viewed the video report said she should have been given a pay rise.

Last year, a Michelin-starred chef decided to use creepy crawlies in the dishes at his upmarket restaurant Aphrodite in Nice, France.

David Faure's menu included a dessert containing crickets for their 'popcorn' flavour and mealworms adding nutty tones to a cod dish.

Faure came up with the idea after travelling to countries where insects are a normal part of the everyday diet.

His insect-themed "alternative foods" three-course menu cost 59 euros and was aimed at more adventurous diners.

According to the chef, his biggest obstacle was finding a reliable local supplier of edible insects rather than buying from Asia.

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