Video: How not to clean your car

Car wash

When it comes to the business of keeping your car clean, motorists vary greatly in their approach. Some like to get the sponges out religiously every Sunday morning, while others prefer their car to wear its battle grime loud and proud.
However, as different as our views on car cleanliness are, few would agree that this motorist's method is the way to go.

The footage below, captured on a mobile phone at an unidentified European car wash, shows a lady casually jet washing her Audi estate. Running the powerful hose along the bumper and windows, she seems to be doing a thorough job of keeping her posh German car looking in tip-top condition.

A little too thorough a job as it turns out, as she opens the doors and casually gives the car's interior a blast as well, paying particular attention to the seats and door linings.

While there's no doubt it's an effective method of removing dirt, we'd hate to think what the inside of the Audi smelt like a short while later when the seats had gone mouldy.

Click play below to watch the lowest common denominator at work.

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