This all-scooter traffic jam is simply ridiculous

scooter traffic jam

Two wheels rather than four may be mooted as the solution to the world's road congestion problems; however, this footage shows that even this may not be the answer in some cities.
A sea of scooters flows constantly in this clip, reputedly filmed on the Taipei bridge in Taiwan, with many riders – wisely it seems – donning face masks to deal with the air pollution.

Scooters are hugely popular in Taiwan as many owners can't afford a car and riders can drive around the traffic which car drivers have to sit in.

However, it seems scooters may be a victim of their own success; the Taipei Times reports that there are 415 scooters for every 1,000 people, according to statistics from the country's national directorate general of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

In some parts of the country as many as 83 per cent of people own a scooter. Now imagine how big this traffic jam would be if everyone was driving something with four wheels...

Author: Christofer Lloyd
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