Huge hail stones send swimmers running for cover on Siberian beach (video)

Sinead Moore
Swimmers flee as freak hail storm hits Siberian beach
Swimmers flee as freak hail storm hits Siberian beach

Beachgoers in Siberia were sent fleeing for shelter as dark clouds ascended over the sunny spot firing hailstones the size of golf-balls down upon crowds.

The freak hailstorm sent sun seekers racing for cover with some cowering under sunbeds waiting for the storm to pass.

According to the Mirror, temperatures had been as hot as 37C when suddenly heavy winds hit the river beach, sweeping in the hail storm.

The dramatic video shows crowds of people who had been enjoying the sun suddenly frantically packing up their things and running for cover, one woman being heard to shout: "If we die, I love you."

The heavy winds sent towels and beach mats flying as frightened sunbathers watched in terror.

According to the Daily Telegraph, no-one was injured at the beach but local media reported the deaths of two three-year-old twins on Saturday after a tree fell on their tent during the storm.

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