Daredevil 'birdman' breaks record for longest unassisted flight

Ron Freeman, a real-life birdman, has beaten his own record for the furthest unassisted flight.

The daredevil, from Northumberland, soared 159.8 metres in the Worthing International Birdman competition on Saturday.

He beat his record of 141.5 metres set in 2013.

The BBC reports that Freeman could win the £10,000 top prize if he has another good run on Sunday.

He missed out on the prize last year after strong winds forced him to take a sideways route off the pier.

Another competitor was taken to hospital after falling awkwardly into the water.

Shoreham Herald reports that the woman complained of back pain and was taken to hospital for a check-up.

Organiser Sharon Clarke said: "She fell in a bit awkwardly and we won't take any chances, as she potentially hurt her back.

"The paramedics were not overly concerned but she has been taken to hospital for a check-up."

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